Forthcoming seminars 2019

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Bettina Bäumer gives "Retreat Seminars" on various texts of the non-dualist Kashmir Shaiva tradition. She mainly teaches three basic Tantras of the Trika School: the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, the Paratrisika (with Abhinavagupta's Vivarana commentary) and the Netra Tantra (with commentary by Ksemaraja), as well as texts like the Siva Sutra, the Spanda Karika, and the the Pratyabhijna Hridayam. Besides these, she also teaches mystical Bhakti hymns of Kashmir, such as the Sivastotravali by Utpaladeva, the Stavacintamani by Bhatta Narayana, the Sambapancasika and  Stotras by Abhinavagupta.

She follows a certain style in conducting these retreats, basically consisting of two sessions of text study, morning and afternoon, about four hours of meditation, recitation of the hymns and slokas of the texts concerned, besides periods of silence and meditative walks in nature (wherever the surroundings permit).
These Retreat Seminars are given in various places around India and in Europe, notably near her home in Varanasi, in Himachal Pradesh, and in Rishikesh, as well as in Srinagar (Kashmir) itself. They typically will be five days long, though shorter or longer sessions are possible.

April 04 - 11, 2020
Advaita Bhakti II: Meditation  with  the  Śivastotrāvalī  of   Utpaladeva

Venue: Ishvar  Parvat, Phulchatti  Village, Uttarakhand

In  an  atmosphere  of  silence  and  nature  we  want  to deepen  our  spiritual  practice  of  combining  Bhakti and  Advaita. This retreat is in continuation from the previous one in April 2019, and the participant registrations are already closed. 

July 16 - 22, 2020
Madhya: Finding the Centre. A Retreat with Selected Texts of Kashmir Shaivism

Venue: Szent Jakab House, Pannonhalma (  

We are pleased to announce that Bettina Sharada Baumer is teaching in Hungary this summer. We plan to accommodate the program at the retreat house of the beautiful Abbey of Pannonhalma, with the participation of a group of long term meditators, the disciples of Swami Veda Bharati and Sharada Ma.

Please in case you wish to participate, let us know as soon as you can, so that we can finalize the accommodation booking for you. The summer season is really busy at the retreat places and we want to make sure we have space for all of Sharada Ma’s disciples.

For registration and further information please contact Dea Frankó Csuba:

Email -

Phone and Whatsapp - +36306952229

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hungary.
Lots of love and greetings,

Association of Himalayan Yoga and Meditation