Online Publications

1. The Lord of the Heart: Abhinavagupta's Aesthetics and Kashmir Saivism LINK?

2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dialogue with Christian Monastics, in: LINK?

3. Setu. Bulletin of the Abhishiktananda Society (Editor & Articles) :, "Abhishiktananda Society Bulletin". [overview of editions]

4. "Que l'Esprit vous perde dans le fond". Lettres de Abhishiktananda a Bettina Bäumer, 1963–1973, in: Dilatato Corde, Journal of the DIMMID, January 2011. [LINK]

5. Summer to Autumn: An interreligious pilgrimage, in: Dilatato Corde, January 2012: