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A lecture on the Kalatattvakosha, "Deciphering the Indian Arts: The Project of Fundamental Texts: Kalāmūlaśāstra", given at the IGNCA in New Delhi, March 2013 (DOWNLOAD pdf)


Konarka. Chariot of the Sungod

Photography: Oki Morihiro, Text: Bettina Bäumer & M. A. Konishi

Delhi, D.K. Print World, 2007

Co-editor of
Silpa Prakasa, Medieval Orissan Sanskrit Text on Temple Architecture

by Ramacandra Mahapatra Kaula Bhattaraka. Introduction and Translation by Alice Boner and Sadasiva Rath Sharma, revised and edited by Bettina Bäumer, Rajendra Prasad Das, Sadananda Das

New Delhi, (I.G.N.C.A. and Motilal Banarsidass), 2005

Editor of:
Prakrti. The Agamic Tradition and the Arts

Delhi (IGNCA and D.K. Printworld) 1994

Silparatnakosa, A Glossary of Orissan Temple Architecture

Edited and translated, in collaboration with Rajendra Prasad Das, Delhi (IGNCA and Motilal Banarsidass), 1994

Editor of:
Vol I: Kalatattvakosa, A Lexicon of Fundamental Concepts of the Indian Arts
Delhi (IGNCA and Motilal Banarsidass), 1988

Vol. II: Concepts of Space and Time
Delhi, 199

Vol. III: Primal Elements – Mahabhuta
Delhi, 1996

Editor: Alice Boner, S.R. Sarma, B. Bäumer

Vastusutra Upanisad. The Essence of Form in Sacred Art

Delhi, 1982 (3rd revised edition, 1996, 4th ed. 2000)

Editor of

Rupa Pratirupa, Alice Boner Commemoration Volume

New Delhi (Biblia Impex), 1982


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Photography by Oki Morihiro, from: Konarka. Chariot of the Sungod